Our Process

Event planning is no easy feat. From finding the right venue to hiring vendors and talent, there are countless details to consider. When it comes to talent, you want someone who not only has the skills but also knows how to bring the event to life. 

Our Unique Talent Matching Process At OutLoud Marketing, we take pride in our talent-matching process. Say goodbye to spending hours sifting through resumes and interviewing candidates.  Our extensive database of over 25,000 professionals worldwide features highly detailed skills and specializations. By understanding your event's unique needs, we use our expertise and talent management software to select, deliver, and pay for talent tailored to your specifications.
Multilingual Staff Our multilingual talent is one of our most valuable assets. With the ability to speak over 100 languages, we can staff events near and far with ease. Not only does this make international attendees feel welcome, but it also adds a unique touch to your event.  From translation services to cultural performance acts, our multilingual talent will take your event to the next level.
Personalization When it comes to taking your event to the next level, our talent truly shines. From DJ’s to dancers, emcees, and more, our talent stash can give your event a personalized edge.  Need a performer to wow your audience?  OutLoud Marketing's got you covered.  We take pride in our creative brainstorming abilities, and our talent is no exception. Bring us your wildest ideas, and we'll match it with unique talent that'll surpass your expectations.
In-House Talent Management Team OutLoud Marketing doesn't just select talent, we cultivate talent. Our in-house talent management team works tirelessly to hone their skills and provide them with unique opportunities.  This means every OutLoud Marketing talent you hire is an investment in their growth and your event's success. From coaching to marketing support, we go above and beyond to ensure our talent delivers the best possible experience for your guests.