Spectrum’s Back to School Tour: A Triumph in Staffing Excellence



In response to the imperative of sourcing adept brand ambassadors within the college-aged demographic for Spectrum's Back to School Tour, we faced the task of identifying individuals with both sales expertise and an affinity for engagement. The objective was clear: to provide comprehensive staffing solutions characterized by exceptional service and guest engagement, particularly in remote markets and college towns.


Our approach was grounded in meticulous planning, blending professionalism with a strategic focus on engagement. Services were curated to encompass a spectrum of needs, ranging from proficient emcees and crowd management specialists to seamless registration facilitators.


  • Expert Brand Ambassadors: With precision, we deployed over 100 brand ambassadors across 20+ markets, each carefully selected for their suitability to represent Spectrum on college campuses.
  • Efficient Crowd Control: Our adept teams excelled in managing crowd dynamics, ensuring events ran smoothly .
  • Professional Sales Representatives: Equipped with a mastery of sales techniques, our representatives played a pivotal role in driving conversions and fostering brand loyalty.
  • Highly Motivated Individuals: We handpicked individuals driven by a passion for excellence, ensuring the delivery of impactful representation for Spectrum.


Our efforts culminated in a remarkable 98% completion rate, demonstrating our ability to navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic while adhering to stringent social distancing protocols.
Across the 16 tour stops nationwide, each team, comprising at least one team lead and six brand ambassadors, was meticulously tailored to align with the age range of the respective college demographic (ideally 18-30 years old). This strategic alignment facilitated meaningful interactions, resulting in a notable uptick in sales and heightened brand visibility.
By distributing branded premiums, we left an enduring impression, amassing over 10,000 impressions and solidifying Spectrum's presence in the minds of the target audience.
In essence, our partnership with Spectrum exemplifies a commitment to professionalism and excellence, as we seamlessly blend expertise with innovation to deliver exceptional results.


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