McDonald’s: Celebrating Classic Memories & Diversity

Bringing Nostalgia to Life: Our journey with McDonald’s showcases our ability to blend nostalgia with modern-day celebrations. A standout moment was the launch of the Surprise Happy Meal with retro toys, where our brand ambassadors, dressed in iconic McDonald’s character costumes, rekindled fond memories for both kids and adults.


McDonald's tasked us with creating immersive experiences for various events, including grand openings, multicultural festivals, and PR events, each requiring a unique approach to engage a diverse audience.


We tailored our strategies to meet the dual goals of nostalgia and diversity. For the Surprise Happy Meal launch, our team wore retro gear and brought classic characters to life. In other events, we focused on inclusivity, providing bilingual staff and showcasing multicultural elements to resonate with diverse communities.


  • Costume characters embodying McDonald's iconic mascots for a nostalgic touch
  • Bilingual staff for effective communication across diverse audiences
  • Festive attire for grand openings and cultural celebrations to enhance the ambiance
  • Professional, enthusiastic team to ensure each event's success


Our collaborative efforts led to successful event activations, drawing large crowds and significantly enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. McDonald's praised our ability to deliver memorable experiences that not only celebrated their brand heritage but also emphasized their commitment to diversity and inclusion.


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