Case Studies

Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.

During our collaboration, the Outloud team staffed 30 Grassroots campaigns and activated the whole UH College campus for the screening of Horrible Boss 2. Our team was excited to help with planning, coordinating, and staffing all venues and events. Also, we organized Bar Night in 10 Cities for War Dogs.

Part of our strategy was to leverage the social media platforms to promote the event. Therefore, we exceeded expectations on social media getting thousands of shares and 30,000 Impressions.


A dedicated team of Brand Ambassadors distributed 100,000 samples of the brand’s bars while taking the time to interfere with consumers, grabbing their attention, and making a memorable experience. The team distributed coupons while uniting with clients’ talking points.

Due to our team’s flawless performance, the brand had an increase in sales.


With a primary focus on Multi-Cultural Teens aged 15-18, we were proudly introducing Fanta’s “Cans in Hands” program. The representation brought awareness of Fanta’s new flavors, as we distributed more than 100,000 beverage cans with 5 different flavors.

Within 4 weeks, our Brand Ambassadors and Market Manager’s strategy came to life with the successful distribution of all 100,000 cans. Accordingly, Fanta had an increase of sales for the new flavors.

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